Stradbally Steam Rally 2022

The Steam Engine Project is a compilation of information, stories and photographs of Steam Engines in Ireland today and the families that strive to keep these amazing machines alive and so preserving this unique heritage which represents what was a major contribution to the mechanisation and development of Ireland in the early 1900’s.

This project will result in a book publication which will record for history these magnificent machines and the families and individuals committed to their preservation.

The project was somewhat delayed due to covid but now as the restrictions begin to be lifted the process of live interviews and photoshoots may commence in order to record faithfully the journey of many dedicated people
through their involvement in steam restoration and preservation: workshops, engineering abilities, enthusiasm for this world of steam.

The next generation of young people now play a most valuable and important part in keeping these steam engines in prime working condition so that future generations may marvel in these magnificent machines and their contribution to society here in Ireland.

Conversations with people, who in the past have worked with these engines and have a story to tell of their unique experiences whether it was with the harvest on the farm, road building, timber cutting for building or one of the many other activities where steam engines were involved will also take place.

As this project is to record where steam is today in Ireland, my aim is to it completed by spring 2025.

Your assistance and cooperation is vital in ensuring this project is completed and a success, resulting in a true and factual record of this cultural, historical and hugely important aspect of Irish life that will encourage future generations to keep this collective movement alive and going strong for many years to come.

To help fund the production of this extensive project, all imagery will be available for purchase at special project prices.