My camera has helped me to visualise so many personal experiences, people and objects over the years, it seemed to me to be a shame to leave them in file cabinets, hidden from the public view. These images form a history, evidence of my being, a story of my interest in life and nature that surrounded me.

Book: The Soul of Wexford

 RTE Nationwide’s presentation of the Book,
Soul of Wexford, first viewed on National TV
11th December 2012

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Author and Historian Nicky Furlong described the book as
“A Wexford Masterpiece and a work of greatest importance and Art”. 

The SOUL of WEXFORD: a Town and Estuary where the River Slaney meets the Irish Sea. A photographic essay of original photography depicting places of worship, art and entertainment, Wexford Harbour and the River Slaney Estuary.                              

“Voted Book of the Year” by The Wexford Book Centre 

More than 200 unique images of Wexford Town and its hinterland are contained in this 148 page book titled The Soul of Wexford; a Town and Estuary, where the River Slaney meets the Irish Sea. The coffee style book comprises specially shot imagery by the award winning photographer, John Ironside, in the past year.

In this compilation of unique photography, world-class photographer John Ironside captures the distinctive aspects of the town of Wexford and its estuary, its architecture, its way of life, and records and exposes for the first time rare, valuable and fascinating secrets. He captures, probably for the last time, the transition from the old to the modern. This is an expression of the soul of a unique town and an estuary.

This high quality 148 page production illustrated with over 200 unique photographs is Hard Covered, 10” x 12” in size with colourful dust jacket